About Us
ERTL Combustion is a product division under ERTL Enterprises that specializes in combustion systems, while providing specialty services and products. Our founder owns many patents to products in our line that we both sell individually and use with our systems. Our 173,000 square foot plant, located in Anderson, Indiana, allows us to continue growing. Aside from our expertise in the combustion industry, we pride ourselves in putting the customer first. At ERTL Combustion, our customers are our first priority, and will always be our first priority because we know what it’s like to be the customer.

Our History
ERTL Combustion got its start from ERTL Enterprises. In 1996, founder Daniel Ertl created ERTL Enterprises as a consulting company that later grew into an industrial manufacturing company. Driven by the need of customers, the company shifted gears from consulting to production in 2002, just 6 years after foundation. Around this time is when we opened our first production shop and began designing and manufacturing combustion systems. This growth led us into creating our own product lines, the first launching in 2005 with our FORCE oxy/gas burner. The rapidly growing company was soon outgrowing our first production shop, so we migrated to a larger fabrication plan in 2006. Following the move, we put out 3 more production lines in the next 2 years with the TRU-Flow line in 2007 and both the 3-Valve manifold line and the stabilite pilot burner line in 2008. The Tru-Flow was patented in 2012. Also, around 2012 was when we decided our growth had warranted a product division specific to the industrial manufacturing industry, thus creating ERTL Combustion Products. Our growth had also caused another relocation to our current 173,000 square foot and 25-acre location in Anderson, Indiana where we currently reside. Directly following the move and establishment of ERTL Combustion, we continued to create and launch new product lines. In 2013 we launched our Flex Flows, that were later patented in 2018. Also in 2018, we hosted a hospitality suite for the first time at the Glass Problems Conference and then hosted again in 2019. Recently, we have become a master distributor for Honeywell products to the glass and metal industries.
The Founder

Daniel Ertl, the founder of ERTL Enterprises, has a number of achievements. Among those achievements being multiple degrees, scholarly articles, global lectures, many product patents, and of course an ever-growing and evolving company. Daniel Ertl has been granted 7 patents over the past 20 years. He was also given the opportunity to speak at the Beijing Design Institute in 2005. Among other achievements, one award that he has received was the Patriotic Employer Award from the Department of Defense for supporting his Guard and Reserve employees. This award is “probably the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten in my profession” according to Daniel himself.